Joe Alexander, Senior Advisor for Verit Advisors, will present at the New South Chapter of the ESOP Association conference on September 18, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. Alexander will present on “The Life Cycle of Camber Corporation’s ESOP: 1998-2008.”

Alexander’s presentation will explore the life cycle of a highly successful ESOP company through the lens of the practical experiences and lessons learned from Camber Corporation’s ESOP. As an ESOP grows and matures, management is faced with pivotal decisions that impact a company’s value, culture, and leadership. This discussion will focus on how to identify and evaluate these pivot points, both from the point of view of senior management and the Board of Directors.

Alexander joined Camber Corporation in 1992 after his retirement from the U.S. Army. He worked his way to becoming Camber’s Washington General Manager, having grown the Washington business unit from 3 employees to Camber largest and most successful business unit in four short years. Later he became the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer where he oversaw the company’s transition from a closely held company to an ESOP company. In 1999, Mr. Alexander became President of Camber, a position he held for 12 years. In 2003 under Mr. Alexander’s leadership, Camber became a 100% ESOP-owned company. After 20 years with Camber Corporation, Mr. Alexander retired to pursue other interests including his newest venture with Alexander Consulting, LLC. In 2013, Alexander became a Senior Advisor for Verit Advisors.

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