Mary Josephs and Rob Ruszkowski will present at The ESOP Association’s Conference themed “Better Together” on May 24-25, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Mary Josephs will join Aziz El-Tahch, Stout, on the topic “Legal and Fiduciary Issues with the Sale of an ESOP-Owned Company” on Friday, May 25. This session will focus on the issues confronted when an ESOP company gets an offer for the purchase of the business, or when an ESOP company seeks such an offer.” Ms. Josephs founded Verit Advisors in 2009 and has over three decades of experience in corporate finance. She is a nationally recognized leader having advised, structured, and closed more than 300 transactions for middle market companies. Ms. Josephs was named one of most Influential women in mid-market M&A by Mergers & Acquisition magazine January 2017, and 2018.

Also, on Friday, May 25, Rob Ruszkowski, Principal at Verit Advisors, will speak on “Ideal ESOP Structures for Making Acquisitions and Raising Capital” along with Ted Margarit, Chartwell Financial Advisory, Inc. This panel will discuss how ESOP-owned companies can reorganize their capital structure to more effectively allow for outside capital and use its existing equity as acquisition currency, while still preserving the tax-efficient ESOP structure. Mr. Ruszkowski joined Verit Advisors in 2011 and has a particular proficiency in sell-side M&A as well as ESOP transactions involving a diverse set of middle market companies. Ruszkowski also possesses substantial technical and analytical know-how following a distinguished career in chemical engineering.

About Verit Advisors

Verit Advisors unites sophisticated middle market investment banking capabilities with a client centric boutique, fluent in M&A, ESOPs, debt and equity capital markets, valuation, and board advisory services. Integrity, teamwork, service, and innovation are at the heart of the organization, as the Verit Team strives to provide unparalleled advice and custom solutions to its clients. Mary Josephs founded Verit Advisors in 2009 in Chicago and has over three decades of experience in corporate finance for private businesses. Josephs and her team are considered to be the foremost experts in ESOP transactions and middle market strategic alternatives.