The 3rd Annual Private Equity and Employee Share Ownership Symposium will be held Friday, November 20, 2020 at 9:00 EDT. This complimentary seminar is hosted by Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations and their Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing. Verit Advisors® CEO, Mary Josephs will make the opening remarks for the session which will be an exciting discussion on private equity and employee ownership. Registration at this link. Other companies involved include KKR, Churchill Asset Management LLC, CIBC U.S., Blue Wolf Capital Partners, Morgan Lewis, Mosaic Capital Partners, and American Working Capital.

About Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations  

The purpose of the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing is to study the various models that have emerged and will emerge of employee ownership shares and profit shares in the corporation and society of the United States and around the world.

About Verit Advisors

Verit Advisors unites sophisticated investment banking capabilities with a client centric boutique, fluent in ESOPs, debt capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation services. Integrity, teamwork, service, and innovation are at the heart of the organization, as Verit strives to provide unparalleled advice and custom solutions to its clients. Mary Josephs founded Verit Advisors in 2009.  Josephs and her team are considered to be one of the foremost experts in ESOP transactions and middle market strategic alternatives.